Annie is originally from Manvel, Texas.  She grew up as part of a musical family, so singing came naturally to her.  One of her aunts encouraged her singing and inspired her to learn to play guitar.  Her dad took her to perform in various "Oprys" near and far and her love of music has continued to grow.  She now lives in Schulenburg and regularly plays in Round Top, Houston, Columbus, La Grange and Flatonia.  Annie recently recorded her first album and is always looking for new venues at which to perform.


Annie Rost – Wild Heart Album Review

By Graham Barnes

Belter Radio, Country Belles Show

“There’s no one else I’d rather have on my radio show than Annie Rost.  Her music is from her heart and you can feel it.  She has a beautiful voice that opens up emotions.  I love her music.”


-John Darlington, John Talk Radio

With a song compilation of hits that cover the spectrum from “gutsy in your face delivery” to the delicate realities of pain and loss, Annie Rost will win your heart while singing to your soul. A “Who’s Who” of songwriters co-wrote this diverse collection, equally matched with world-class Nashville musicians." - Sengelmann Hall

Meet Annie Rost.  With her incredibly welcoming voice and friendly demeanor, she is the perfect embodiment of  SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY!  Annie picked up a guitar at the age of 12, and taught herself how to play so that she could share her love of music with others. Her journey, this far,  has helped her develop and shape a musical, and artistic, flair all her own.  She doesn’t fit into any one genre, instead, she has a little something for everyone.  

    Annie says her latest album “Wild Heart”  brings out the,  wild heart in her, and a surge of electricity into the instruments.  “I’ve been blessed by family, friends, community, musicians, songwriters, producers, who tell me to just be Annie”!  

Annie explains that her music is her way of communicating,  transitioning from one stage of her life to another, and remembering the past.  It’s her way of communicating her soul and spirit, and a way to cleanse her own heart.  Her ultimate desire is for her music to touch the lives of others and bring out these emotions in them too.

-Brandy Runyan, CEO of Black Diamond Firm

Annie Rost - "Americana at its best! Annie asks, "What does Music mean to me:  It's my way of communicating, of transitioning from one stage of my life to another, of remembering the past.  It's my way of communicating my soul and spirit, and a way to cleanse my heart." - Zapp Hall

Early reviews say she may have as many as, if not at least, four hits with “Wrong Kinda Love” ( by Ashley Campbell, brother Shannon Campbell & Zac Maloy), “Horseshoes And Hand Grenades” (by Clint Lagerberg & Zac Maloy), “The Next Chapter – Reprise” (by Jeff Clark & Brian Wooten) & “Damn I Want A Love Like That” (by Boots Ottestad & Zac Maloy).  Yet there are more!! “Strong As Steel” written by Annie & Zac strums the heart strings of Annie’s relationship with her father….powerful ! 

- Jeff Clark, Musician with the band, "Too Smooth"!




"Annie Rost is one of the artists I have recently unearthed.  From Schulenburg in Texas this down to earth, big hearted Texan has produced a cracker of an album entitled Wild Heart. The eleven tracks showcase a variety of vocal and musical styles that captures Annie`s engaging, fun loving style and personality but also her softer, more vulnerable and serious sides too." READ MORE...

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